Mail Order excelleRx Pharmacy Access

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Mail order pharmacy services, available through the excelleRx pharmacy, provide convenience for families and caregivers, while hospices enjoy lower medication costs, dispensing fees and travel expenses. By ordering through excelleRx, our clients have access to a full palliative medication inventory, including ComfortPaks™ and hospice-specific compounds, all of which are delivered directly to the patient’s site of care.

excelleRx boasts extensive medication inventories, which ensures access to the medications most needed by hospice patients. To avoid sudden and unexpected drug shortages caused by DEA controls, HP’s Purchasing Department carefully monitors its drug inventory and stays in constant contact with drug manufacturers. In the event that a shortage does occur, HP communicates immediately with clients to alert them to the situation and offer recommendations for maintaining high-quality pain management.

Within HP, a special team is dedicated to closely monitoring Federal Drug Administration recalls. Hospices are notified immediately of recalls, providing recommendations for alternative therapies and dosages.

"We’ve also enjoyed the FedEx shipment of medications to a patient’s point of care; it’s also been fantastic and really works. I love being able to go to the website and track down a package if there is a question. I can just pull up the package information and let a patient caregiver or family know where the package is without a lot of phone calls