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Hospice Kits
HP’s Hospice Kits (ComfortPak, Cardiac ComfortPak, and Seizure Kit) have been developed to address the most common symptoms at the end of life, and the most urgent problem for hospices: immediate access to the appropriate medications.

Upon admission, a patient is assessed for Hospice Kit placement. Once the nurse and pharmacist have ensured that the home is safe and the placement of a kit is appropriate for the patient, the kit is sent to the patient, to arrive the next day.

HP Hospice Kits
Since 1987, the ComfortPak has been available exclusively for hospices that partner with Hospice Pharmacia. The Cardiac ComfortPak and Seizure Kits were formally introduced to HP hospice partners in 2003, though HP had been providing them ad hoc, as necessary for years prior.

The ComfortPak in the home ensures that patient always have immediately access to a 48-hour quantity of medications for management of the most common symptoms experienced by hospice patients: nausea/vomiting, pain, fever, agitation, secretions, anxiety, and breathlessness.

Patients with cardiac-specific diagnoses are assessed for the appropriateness of a Cardiac ComfortPak, which contains additional cardiac-specific medications for emergency symptom management for patients deemed to be at risk. This kit addresses additional symptoms of edema and chest pain.

For patients with seizure activity or patients at risk for seizures, HP offers the HP Seizure Kit1 which contains medications for seizure management.

HP hospice nurses praise the HP hospice kits, and highly regard the immediate access to appropriate medication for palliation of new hospice symptoms. With the right medications easily accessible, patients receive the best care, and nurses can mange critical symptoms immediately, without leaving the patient’s home.

1 HP offers both a Phenytoin Seizure Kit and a Valproic Acid Seizure Kit.

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